I make so many post about eyebrows because I love them so much. They are just cute and can make you look so good. In this picture, I did my eyebrows a little thicker than I would usually do but that is just because I need to get them waxed. Here is what I used..

Bh Cosmetics- Ultimate Brow Palette with a thin angle brush

Maybelline Concealer

Wearing Makeup In the Rain

When wearing your makeup in various weather conditions such as rain, snow, and summer, there is one thing to remember. Always set your face. It’s raining right now as I am writing this post and I forgot to set my face because I couldn’t be late to class. When that rain hits your face without primer it can be a jcatastrophe. “The makeup lovers know what I am talking about”. I usually don’t wear makeup when it’s raining because it can be to much to fix but sometimes you have to.

Wearing Makeup TO The Gym

I do not recommend wearing makeup to the gym. Why would you want your makeup to run down your face because of your sweat? It’s gross! Your eyeliner can run and get in your eyes which can burn your eyes. You can be cute at the gym without makeup. The main reason for wearing makeup to the gym is for guys. I wore makeup to the gym yesterday which did not turn out good but I learned from my mistake. Maybe you just wanna look really cute. Going to the gym is not about looking cute, it is about getting in shape to look your best. Whatever makes you happy is for you, you just don’t wanna over do it.

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Fake Eyelashes

I have been waiting to make this post for the longest because it has been bugging me. After coming back to college, I have been seeing a lot of people wearing crazy lashes. There is nothing wrong with fake lashes. I wear them myself but there is a thing called “doing too much”. I see girls wearing huge lashes with no makeup and it looks weird. Once again, there is nothing wrong with wearing no makeup but wearing big bold lashes with a bare face just doesn’t look right to me. I like the more natural looking lashes because it looks more appealing.

Fake Lashes

Favorite Eyeshadow Brands


I will forever love this brand. They have so many palettes. Some people may think that their palettes look the same but they don’t. I love every palette because the colors are so unique. I also love how they collab with multiple artists to make beautiful palettes.

Bh Cosmetics

I almost have every palette from Bh Cosmetics. Their palettes are really colorful. If you know me, then you know that I love bright colors. This brand probably has the cutest packaging ever.

Urban Decay

I love the naked eyeshadow palettes. The colors are natural looking and blend so well together. They are literally everyday colors.

New Years!

It has been a long hard year. I have had many ups and downs since I have started blogging but I got better. One of my new year resolutions is to get better at my work so I can keep growing. 2019 is gonna be a crazy and unexpected year for me and I cannot wait. I hope you guys have a good New Years because mine is already ruined. ( lol) My face has become swollen from an allergic reaction to something. Happy New Years!!!!!šŸ¾ šŸ„‚

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Easy Brows ( Those are my brows) *lol*

  • Start from the end of the brow and start lining your eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil. ( Lightly)
  • Line the top and bottom of the eye but stopping before you reach the front of the brow.
  • Fill in the end of your eyebrow with the pencil only. Stop halfway before reaching the front.
  • Fill the rest of the brow with eyebrow powder.
  • Clean your brow to fix any mistakes with concealer
  • Set it with powder