Doing Makeup In School (Story)

I will be telling you guys how I did makeup in high school and then college. Nowadays kids are doing their makeup in middle school. I didn’t even look at makeup in middle school. Well anyways, to the story…..

High School

I started wearing makeup in the 10th grade. I was just doing my eyebrows and nothing else. I didn’t really need foundation but looking back now, I should have worn it. (LOL) I had a crush that was in the 12th grade. We were hugging and all that before I was wearing makeup but when I started wearing it everything got better. I got lots of attention. From girls and guys. It made me so happy so I started wearing more. By the 11th grade, I had a full face. I was more into it and I have gotten better. When I look back at my pictures, I wasn’t bad but it wasn’t all the way there. Girls would ask me for advice and would ask me to do their brows. I was so happy. That is what made me wanna become a makeup artist. I changed my mind later about becoming a makeup artist because I wanted to further my education. I told myself that I can always do this on the side. In the 12 grade, my makeup was so good. I didn’t post pictures a lot because I wasn’t into all that yet. It didn’t hit me until I got into college.


Before the Fall Semester of my freshman year of college started (That was a long sentence, just to say COLLEGE ) I practiced makeup the whole summer. When I started school It was kinda hard trying to find time to do makeup because of my classes. I was also working on campus. I had to compromise so that I can do everything. I ended up having to do my makeup after I eat lunch for about an hour because that was the only time I had free. Around that time, I had already started my makeup Instagram page. If you scroll all the way down on my Instagram pics, you can see my progress. I can admit that the first pics were so UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. When I look back, I think to myself ” Why?” I have gotten tremendously better. I am starting my second year of school this fall and I can truly say that it has been a crazy fun experience. 

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