Best Makeup Brands

  • Maybelline-(There are tons of maybelline products! I use their foundation, concealer, highlighter, and setting powder).
  • Morphe-(I am literally in love with all Morphe eyeshadows. I used their primer which works perfectly. I haven’t used their brushes yet but I plan on buying some soon).
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills-( There are just so many products from this brand! It might be pricey but it’s worth it. The eyeshadows and highlighters are just too much. It’s too much to think of because I want it all. I want it allllllllll!!!!!!
  • Bh Cosmetics -( I shop this brand almost every 4 week! This is my favorite just because there is so much stuff for cheap. )


    1. Thank you so much! I have been blogging since May of this year. Trust me, it was not easy at all. I had really a really hard time blogging when I started out which I will make a post about.


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