Top 5 Things You Should Walk Around With if you a a makeup lover or someone who just wants to always look good

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  1. Compact Mirror ( So you can always look to see if you are good. )
  2. Powder ( If you wear makeup, you can totally understand this one. When it’s hot outside and you decide to put on a whole face for the day, Cathy some powder to make sure your skin isn’t getting oily. My skin gets oily throughout the day.)
  3. Lipgloss ( Who doesn’t love lip gloss. It makes your lips look so good plus kissable. I believe that every girl should have some sort of lipgloss)
  4. Mascara ( Smudge looks. Smudged Eyeshadow. Smudged mascara is a big no for me. The messed up mascara look kills me. I always take mascara with me because Mine always smudges once throughout the day.)
  5. Fragrances ( lotion or some kind of perfume is a must. You always want to smell good. If you are trying to impress someone then spray yourself girl with that perfume and strut!!!!)

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