Story Time: Not So Cute

  • I woke up last week and did my makeup for class. We were having  a lot colleges come to our school for information about transferring. I made sure I sprayed my face with finishing spray because it was 90 degree heat that day. After I was done with class I went to the cafe area outside where all of the colleges were and people kept looking at me. I was like what! I thought it was because I was tall (LOL). During all the staring, I went to talk to some college and they were also staring. It was not bad starring. It was like a look and look away. I went to eat and then I went back to my dorm. I took off my backpack and was about to wash my hands. I look in the mirror and I was like OMG!!!! My makeup was so messed up because of the heat. My makeup had a sweaty look and it was not cute. I bursted out laughing so hard. I forgot my compact mirror that day because I was rushing. Long story short, I WAS A MESS!

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