Day: September 17, 2018

Brush Review


  • These brushes work really good. I used the fifth brush as a foundation brush. I was not that impressed because I feel like It didn’t do that good so I finished my foundation with a beauty blender.
  • The first brush was used as an angle brush for my eyebrows which was amazing. That was probably my favorite brush.
  • I used the fourth brush for my bronzer. I bronze my face after I am done so that worked really well.
  • The second brush was used as a highlighter brush and worked really good. It is so soft and gentle on the skin.
  • These brushes were $7 combined.

Eyelash Review

There are gonna be a couple of posts about these because I have a lot to tell you guys. First I wanna start with the lashes. The lashes are really pretty and soft. They look so natural. They were only $1 which is really good for how they look. I was really surprised. I also like how they feel on my face. It feels like there is nothing on your face and I am not lying.

New Look Alert!!

I tried a lot of my new products out and loved them. The colored eyeliners are so cute and are not dry at all. Here are some of the products I used for this look…

  • Lol Eyeshadow- Purple Eyeshadow
  • AOA Eyelashes-Natural Hair
  • AOA Vonder Concealer
  • Pink Eyeliner Color- Hollywood
  • Blue Eyeliner Color- Superstar
  • AOA Perfect Setting Powder
  • Flawless Eyeliner- Black Eyeliner
New Look

It’s Here!!!!

The Package that I have been waiting for is finally here. I can’t wait to show you guys some looks today. I would do it after this but I have a math class (LOL). I tried the matte red lipstick and it is so pretty. I heard of this makeup site and wanted to try it. The website is- ( )

  • Amazing Products
  • Everything is $1!!!!!!

I was nervous but I am overjoyed to try all of these products. I am going to do some looks today and post them on my blog and on my Instagram. So stay tuned.

It Just Got Real!

After my 20th birthday, It didn’t hit me until the next day. Like, I am not a teenager anymore. I have been alive for two decades! ( Lol) This is the time for me to start scratching things off my bucket list because I am very young and I think twenty is a perfect age to start. I have a bucket list with over eighty things that I wanna do on there. I got to scratch off hiking because I had never been before so that was awesome. I want to improve on blogging and growing my makeup page on Instagram. I also have a package coming today so stay tuned!