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How to know when your makeup brushes need to be cleaned

So I am making this post because I never clean my brushes which is not good. I get really tired of cleaning my makeup brushes every time I do makeup. I just hate it because I think it takes too long. You should know that your makeup brushes need to be cleaned if there is so much product on your brush to the point that it’s hard. That has also happen to me. The product would be so hard in my makeup brushes that the bristles don’t even move. When you think of it, it’s kind of gross. No one wants to use that brush. Especially if you are doing other people Makeup with your brushes. You should always clean your bushes if you are in that situation. Not cleaning your brushes can also lead to breakouts and damaged skin. That is because you are putting old chemicals on your face . So think of that next you ask yourself ” Do I really need to clean my makeup brushes now?” 🙂

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