The Big Question!!! *Must Read*

Hey, why don’t you wear the makeup you post on social media out in public?

  • I have gotten this question so many times an I have so many answers. I don’t wear the more colorful looks I create out in public because I don’t go anywhere. I am on a college campus so I have class or night events. I would have no reason to where crazier looks out at this moment. When I go out, I am mainly wearing neutral colors or anything that matches my outfit. I think the question is funny because most if not a lot of people on Instagram do not wear their exotic makeup out every day. It is just to showcase their talent for you guys. When I show people the looks I have done, they are shocked because they never see me wearing these looks. I just don’t feel that I have a reason to wear these looks out unless I am going somewhere exotic. “I liked that question “. (LOL)

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