Day: September 25, 2018

Waxing, Arching or Threading Your Brows?

When I tell you that I refuse to get my eyebrows threaded, you better believe me! My sister got her eyebrows threaded and her brows were bleeding. I was so curious to why would people would want to do that to themselves. I mainly arch my eyebrows myself. I am more comfortable doing them myself. I also had them waxed one time and I liked it. I was laughing the whole time. (LOL) I am weird. I will never try to get them threaded because I will end up hitting and possibly cursing out the person who is doing them. I have a horrible pain tolerance so that is not for me.

Reasons You Should Take Care Of Your Brows

  • Your eyebrows are on your face-( so I have a saying which is “eyebrows are apart of your hygiene”. You always wanna make sure they are nice and clean.)
  • You feel good– ( The best feeling is when you are happy with yourself. Eyebrows play a big role if you didn’t know. When your eyebrows look good, you feel good.)
  • You wouldn’t want to have no eyebrows– (Everyone knows how we would look without brows. Not that good. We would look weird without them. If you are not taking care of your eyebrows then you are basically giving up.)
  • The hair wants moisture– (Your eyebrow hair does not want to be dry. They are trying to tell you to make sure you moisturize and wash your face so they can also get hydrated.) LOL)