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Viral Asian Beauty Trends That Are Insane!

  • Face Tape-( I have seen YouTube videos on this and I am always amazed at how they can get it to stick. I feel like if I try it that it would not work for me. I know that it gives them a sharper jawline, chin or whatever else you can use it for. I know most Koreans have larger faces but I wish some of them can just be happy with how they look because they are taking catfishing to a whole other level. (LOL)Korean Face Tape
  • Fake Noses-( I am not talking about plastic surgery. I am talking about something else that I have not even heard of. I would think that you only use this stuff for fantasy work and fake characters. Never in a million years would I ever think that people can actually wear this like its normal. I don’t know what Koreans use for this fake nose but I heard that it’s called something like “putty”. Fake Noses
  • Big Eyed Contacts-( Now this is what brings the whole anime look together. I hate contacts so I couldn’t even imagine wearing oversized ones. It’s cool to make your eyes bigger but they look like true fantasy characters.)Oversized Contacts
    *I am not trying to judge. These are just my opinions*
  • I just think that it is crazy that they do so much to change their looks. Most Koreans say that our beauty trends are crazy and too much! No no no, this is too much. I wanna try that tape though! (Haha) *seriously*


  1. Giiirl, those are NOT Korean haha Korea definitely has funky trends don’t get me wrong. But the tape and the fake face parts are from Chinese Social Media and big eyed contacts are from Japan (but used in a lot of other countries too back in the day, not so popular now) ❤

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