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A Pop of Blue!

Details ⬇️

Eyeshadow– Jamescharles Palette Colors-( Skip, Brother, Playground, Rusted) ➡️ 💙✨Eyebrows– bhcosmetics Ultimate Brow Palette ➡️💙✨ Eyeliner– shopmissa Starlet Liquid Eyeliner Color ( Hollywood ) + nyxcosmetics Black Liquid Eyeliner ➡️💙✨ Lashes– bhcosmetics D-302 Lashes ➡️💙✨ Foundation– Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Color- 355 Coconut 🥥) ➡️💙✨Concealer- bhcosmetics Total Coverage Concealer Color-( 119) ➡️💙✨ Mascara– Moroccan Argan Oil Mascara


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