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Eyeshadow Color Tip

Some people might think its weird when I tell them how I pick eyeshadow colors and all that other stuff. I don’t do what others do. I start with my lid and whatever color I want. (It is usually a bright color) I blend whatever color I think suits the look, I am going for. It always turns out good.

Someone asked me which dark base color do I use first. I was like, excuse me because I didn’t know what she meant. She then broke it down and that is when I was like “I don’t break down my colors like that”. I just do what feels right. If it’s dark, light, bright, nude or whatever. If I blend them, they will turn out nice. That is the main reason I don’t use a dark base is because I blend two colors to get my dark color.


    1. Hi! I don’t use a transition color. I know what you mean with the smudged look because I had that happen to me a lot. Most of my every day looks are two step looks. I would use one main color on my lid and pick any other color and blend it with the other color. It makes a transition color itself when you blend two different color together. I’m also not a fan of brown. (Lol) I hope that helps❤️


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