positivity tips

Two Sides of You

Everybody has two sides to them. For some reason, others might have more but that is a whole other topic in psychology which I am majoring in. (Lol) The two sides I will be talking about is the one side when you are alone and just slouch and don’t care how you look because you are single.(Me) Then on the other side you have the more put together side of you. You want to look nice for someone or go out and enjoy your day looking nice. It’s crazy right, that we all have this. There is not one person who, when they are alone, still acts like that person that they were when they were out with people. If you are then you are weird. When I am alone by myself, I put on shorts or sweats, a t-shirt, mismatch socks and eat snacks while watching horror movies. It feels so comfortable that way and It is crazy that people feel like they can’t be that way with their partner.

My more put together side is still me in attitude with good makeup on. I am always fixing my makeup on a hot day with my friends. I just be begging to go home so that I can take it all off and relax in some cool air. No offense but a lot of people who have just recently broke up might be in one stage and can’t go back to their old self but it’s okay because it takes time. It’s good having two type of people in one body because you can turn it on and off whenever you want to. *I actually believe that is the reason we have shadows*

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