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*How To Achieve This Cut Crease Look* (Steps)

Cut Crease

This was a fun look to do because I don’t usually create green looks but this turned out amazing. I used some really good products plus my new Morphe palette. So here is what you need to do…

Step 1: Prepare your eyebrow

I like to start with my eyebrow because it is easier and if you mess up, you don’t have to fix anything else. Trust me, eyebrows are the easiest when started first.

Step 2: Prepare your base

The base is your eye primer or concealer. I use concealer because I can get a brighter color with it than a primer. After the base, add your powder or bronzer to set your eye. I sometimes use bronzer because it works so good. 

Step 3: Blend

With a blending brush and the color you picked, start blending on the crease of your eye. Blend with light strokes so it doesn’t get too dark. Do not go up to the eyebrow with the eyeshadow. When you blend, you can feel where your eyeball is and that is how far you will go. 

Step 4: Create your cut crease 

The cut crease is really easy to create. You want to get a thin brush and add some concealer on it. Carefully line the concealer higher of your eyelid. A cut crease can be any size you like so feel free to go higher or lower with your crease. High cut crease are perfect for people who have small eyes and eyelids. After you draw your cut crease with the concealer, fill in with conceler. A cut crease can look any type of way so you can be creative with it. You can do a full or a half cut crease. 

Step 5: Add the eyeshadow to the cut crease

Add your color to the cut crease to bring out your eye. I like to add bright or sparkly colors to my cut creases to bring out my look. 

Step 6: Finish your look

The last thing to do is to finish your look. Add your eyeliner, lashes, foundation, and concealer. That is how you accomplish a cut crease look. These are the steps I used to create the look above. I hope you guys enjoy it! 

How Many Brushes Do You Really Need?

The truth is, however many you want! I would love to have millions of brushes because they all work differently. True makeup lovers know what I am talking about. I think every girl should have a minimum of two brush sets. (LOL)

-I have many more makeup brushes. I’m just really lazy and don’t want to clean them.

How to know when your makeup brushes need to be cleaned

So I am making this post because I never clean my brushes which is not good. I get really tired of cleaning my makeup brushes every time I do makeup. I just hate it because I think it takes too long. You should know that your makeup brushes need to be cleaned if there is so much product on your brush to the point that it’s hard. That has also happen to me. The product would be so hard in my makeup brushes that the bristles don’t even move. When you think of it, it’s kind of gross. No one wants to use that brush. Especially if you are doing other people Makeup with your brushes. You should always clean your bushes if you are in that situation. Not cleaning your brushes can also lead to breakouts and damaged skin. That is because you are putting old chemicals on your face . So think of that next you ask yourself ” Do I really need to clean my makeup brushes now?” 🙂

Brush Review


  • These brushes work really good. I used the fifth brush as a foundation brush. I was not that impressed because I feel like It didn’t do that good so I finished my foundation with a beauty blender.
  • The first brush was used as an angle brush for my eyebrows which was amazing. That was probably my favorite brush.
  • I used the fourth brush for my bronzer. I bronze my face after I am done so that worked really well.
  • The second brush was used as a highlighter brush and worked really good. It is so soft and gentle on the skin.
  • These brushes were $7 combined.