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Eat Your Water

There is a known fact that the healthiest fruits have the most water. Water is good for the skin so that it can become healthy and hydrated. Everyone should know that you should always make sure your skin is healthy. I am starting to take better of my skin because I hate dry skin. When I say eat your water, all I am saying is make sure you get all the water because it is good for your skin.


Love The Skin You Are In

Body positivity is so important to everyone. It took me a while and I still deal with it as for everyone else. We all at some point probably hate how we look and feel to others. For me, being over weight really took a toll on me in high school and it still do. I always hated that I was over weight. I would try dieting but it just did not work out for me. I still have those days but I manage when I write about. You have to learn to love yourself because you are the only one that matters right now. Other than family, you need to worry about yourself. Being in college, you would think that you left all the negative impact of what others say about you in high School but no! I found out that it carries on and will continue to carry on until you stop letting people get to. They don’t matter!

body positivity

How To Pick The Perfect Foundation

  • Look, Texture, Consistency and overall price of foundation is important. My favorite foundation is loreal fit me foundation in the color coconut. The product is not too thick or thin, it is perfect. It feels really smooth on my skin which is good. The prices are really cheap at seven dollars at Walmart. I have been wearing the same foundation since high school. I am kind of nervous to switch foundations so I might just stay where I am.
  • You also wanna make sure you get your exact color. You do not want a color that is too light or too dark. This is the base which is your face. (I was not trying to rhyme on purpose) Foundation is not concealer where you can buy light and darker colors to get that glow. If you do that with foundations, your skin will look too light, tan or dark. Have fun picking foundations!



Viral Asian Beauty Trends That Are Insane!

  • Face Tape-( I have seen YouTube videos on this and I am always amazed at how they can get it to stick. I feel like if I try it that it would not work for me. I know that it gives them a sharper jawline, chin or whatever else you can use it for. I know most Koreans have larger faces but I wish some of them can just be happy with how they look because they are taking catfishing to a whole other level. (LOL)Korean Face Tape
  • Fake Noses-( I am not talking about plastic surgery. I am talking about something else that I have not even heard of. I would think that you only use this stuff for fantasy work and fake characters. Never in a million years would I ever think that people can actually wear this like its normal. I don’t know what Koreans use for this fake nose but I heard that it’s called something like “putty”. Fake Noses
  • Big Eyed Contacts-( Now this is what brings the whole anime look together. I hate contacts so I couldn’t even imagine wearing oversized ones. It’s cool to make your eyes bigger but they look like true fantasy characters.)Oversized Contacts
    *I am not trying to judge. These are just my opinions*
  • I just think that it is crazy that they do so much to change their looks. Most Koreans say that our beauty trends are crazy and too much! No no no, this is too much. I wanna try that tape though! (Haha) *seriously*

Two Toned Skin

Having two toned skin is really hard for some people to find their right skin color in makeup. I have two tone skin on my arms and chest area. There is a light skin and medium brown on my arms and chest area. I use to cover it up but now i just don’t worry about it. I use to hate wearing tank tops because it is so clear about how my skin looks and I would just use foundation to cover it up. I would literally use foundation, powder then set it. (Hahaha) Now, I just tell myself that it’s ok and not to worry about it because everyone is not perfect. We all have flaws!