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*Eyebrow Alert*!!

I had to post this because I have been seeing this problem for so long. Being in college, you see it all. From really thick brows to no brows. From over drawn eyebrows to not drawn enough. Trends nowadays are making everyone wanna hop along for the ride and sometimes its fun but most times it just gets annoying. Eyebrows will forever be a trend because they are always changing. With that being said, I am about to about dark brows.

First thing is first, your brows should never be darker than your natural hair color. If you are a blonde or like a red head then you don’t have to read this. (lol) I am not judging anyone when I say this but super dark eyebrows looks really weird if your hair is not that color. When I was getting into makeup and didn’t really know what to do, I use to fill my eyebrows with a black pencil. I had red hair at the time so that was a definitely no!

I feel like I am pretty basic so I go for the light brown to dark brown eyebrows. The color fits my face and If I go darker, it just starts to look weird.

The Cutest Makeup Pouches

I love these pouches so much! They are so cute. My favorite pouch is the one that says “Contents: My Face”. I put my foundations, concealers, and powders in there. They are only $1 and worth it. Just to let you know, everything I ordered from that website came in 6 days. Go get yours!!! –

Makeup Bag

*Clean Your Makeup Brushes*

You should always remember to clean your makeup brushes. You do not want two-week old makeup sitting in a makeup brush on your face because that is bad. It can also cause breakouts. This also works with beauty blenders.

Step 1: Gather your makeup brushes

Makeup Brush

Step 2: Get some dish detergent. I like to use gain detergent because it is denser and more efficient.


Step 3: Pour some of the detergent on your makeup brushes. A little goes a long way so you do not have to put on a lot.


Step 4: Massage and rub the brush bristles with the detergent. You will see the old makeup in your brush foam up. It just means that the detergent is doing its job.

Makeup Brushes

Step 5: Rinse with warm water. You should then have a perfectly clean makeup brush

Makeup Brushes
Clean Brushes

Check That Off The Bucket List

So the plan was to do my makeup for today and post a lot of makeup pictures today. Here is why I am doing nothing today. (LOL) I went hiking to pinnacle mountain today with one my close friends and it was amazing. I never went hiking before so I got to check that off my bucket list. I am not doing any looks today because I am drained. It took us 4 hours to finish the whole mountain. It was so hot but I accomplished it. This was an amazing birthday! All I wanna do is sleep now.

Beauty Tips For Teenagers

Nowadays everyone is doing makeup. Kids are looking much older and doing so much. “Not in a bad way”. When I was in high school I only did my eyebrows until I got in the 11th grade. During my 9-10 grade years I only wore lipgloss. High school pictures are looking different also. I wish I knew how to do makeup that good in high school so my picture day pictures were on point but they weren’t. I think for teenagers, you don’t want to seem over your age. You don’t want someone to look at you and say ” dang, I thought she was 21″ when you are only 16 years old. The typical teen needs…

  • Lip gloss or lip stick
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • A little foundation
  • A little concealer ( Probably Not)

This is just my opinion. My sisters did not even wear a lot of makeup in high school but it is definitely a trend now.

How To Hide Pimples

No one likes pimples. They get big, small, red and they hurt. If your pimples do not hurt and you are trying to cover them up with makeup. Do this…

  1. Put concealer on your pimples.
  2. Then cover it with Foundation

When you put concealer first, it helps it from showing through your makeup because concealer is thicker than foundation