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Easy Brows ( Those are my brows) *lol*

  • Start from the end of the brow and start lining your eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil. ( Lightly)
  • Line the top and bottom of the eye but stopping before you reach the front of the brow.
  • Fill in the end of your eyebrow with the pencil only. Stop halfway before reaching the front.
  • Fill the rest of the brow with eyebrow powder.
  • Clean your brow to fix any mistakes with concealer
  • Set it with powder

*Eyebrow Alert*!!

I had to post this because I have been seeing this problem for so long. Being in college, you see it all. From really thick brows to no brows. From over drawn eyebrows to not drawn enough. Trends nowadays are making everyone wanna hop along for the ride and sometimes its fun but most times it just gets annoying. Eyebrows will forever be a trend because they are always changing. With that being said, I am about to about dark brows.

First thing is first, your brows should never be darker than your natural hair color. If you are a blonde or like a red head then you don’t have to read this. (lol) I am not judging anyone when I say this but super dark eyebrows looks really weird if your hair is not that color. When I was getting into makeup and didn’t really know what to do, I use to fill my eyebrows with a black pencil. I had red hair at the time so that was a definitely no!

I feel like I am pretty basic so I go for the light brown to dark brown eyebrows. The color fits my face and If I go darker, it just starts to look weird.

The Real Me

I don’t think you guys have really seen me, other than in my contact picture or my makeup pics. I just do parts of my face so that is all I show. I wanted to share this picture because we all have flaws. No one is perfect. I had a really good day today and wanted to wear a bright shirt with a neutral face and killer brows!

“Just ignore the bowl to the left” (LOL)


Perks Of Using Concealer Before You Apply Foundation…*must read*

I used the concealer from shopmissa.com. The concealer is a little thicker than the one I usually buy so this was perfect for a base. I also used it on my eyelid. Using concealer first really cover up those creases under your eyes so you don’t look tired. I swear it concealer fixes so many things. In the picture below, I only used that concealer. I am not wearing foundation or anything else.



Waxing, Arching or Threading Your Brows?

When I tell you that I refuse to get my eyebrows threaded, you better believe me! My sister got her eyebrows threaded and her brows were bleeding. I was so curious to why would people would want to do that to themselves. I mainly arch my eyebrows myself. I am more comfortable doing them myself. I also had them waxed one time and I liked it. I was laughing the whole time. (LOL) I am weird. I will never try to get them threaded because I will end up hitting and possibly cursing out the person who is doing them. I have a horrible pain tolerance so that is not for me.

Pencil or Powder?

I love eyebrow pencils but I am a powder girl. I feel like eyebrow powder gives you a more light, not too dark look. I only use eyebrow pencils for the ends of my eyebrows. I love and will forever love eyebrow powder. I use the eyebrow powder from Bh cosmetics Ultimate Brow kit. Maybe I will try to do a full eyebrow with just an eyebrow pencil but probably not now.


Ways You Can Mess Up Your Eyebrows

If you have not noticed, eyebrows are an important part of our face. If you are a beauty/makeup lover you wouldn’t really care if you mess up your brows because you can fix them. When I say mess up, I am talking about filling in, over arching your brows, not the right color or light concealer.

  • Filling in your brows might seem easy but it is very hard for some people. It’s because you might not have the right color or you fill them in too dark. I remember filling in my eyebrows too dark. I had them black and I thought it was cute because I didn’t know how to do makeup that well. When I look back on my old pictures, I think “what was I thinking!”
  • You should always use the color of your eyebrows or something a little darker. You can even go a little lighter. It’s up to you.
  • If you arch your eyebrows by yourself, you can also go overboard. Sometimes you can go a little too far with the eyebrow archer and they become too thin. If that ever happens, You would want to take your eyebrow pencil, powder or gel and just fill in the parts you messed up on. There are a lot of ways to fix to your brows.
  • Last thing is concealing. When you fill in your eyebrows and conceal them, you don’t want the concealer to show really bright so you use a color that is a little lighter than your skin color. You don’t want to hear people saying “her concealer under her eyebrow is so light that you can really see it.” I had that happen to me too.

How long does it take you to do your makeup?

Non makeup lovers don’t really know the struggle of doing perfect makeup. You can’t just rush. “Sometimes you can but you should take your time”. Here is a list of makeup you can’t rush with!

  • Eyebrows ( they are the most important things on your face)
  • Foundation ( you have to make sure you blend girl!)
  • Concealer ( You have to make sure it’s not too light plus that it is blended)

Close Ups

  • I used one Palette to achieve this look. I used the Morphe 3502 Palette Colors (Fire + Rustic)
  • I used the Bh Cosmetics Ultimate Brow Palette For my brows
  • For my skin I used Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Color(355)

I loved how bright this look came to be. I only used concealer, no primer.