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How To Pick The Perfect Foundation

  • Look, Texture, Consistency and overall price of foundation is important. My favorite foundation is loreal fit me foundation in the color coconut. The product is not too thick or thin, it is perfect. It feels really smooth on my skin which is good. The prices are really cheap at seven dollars at Walmart. I have been wearing the same foundation since high school. I am kind of nervous to switch foundations so I might just stay where I am.
  • You also wanna make sure you get your exact color. You do not want a color that is too light or too dark. This is the base which is your face. (I was not trying to rhyme on purpose) Foundation is not concealer where you can buy light and darker colors to get that glow. If you do that with foundations, your skin will look too light, tan or dark. Have fun picking foundations!



Everyday Items I Use On My Face

Here are my everyday items plus some new items that I use on my face. Here they are…

  • Fit Me Foundation-( This is my favorite foundation ever. It drys really good and has a matte finish. You can get this foundation everywhere. I get mine at Walmart.)
  • Maybelline Concealer-( “The thin bottle”. I just picked this up yesterday because I have not used it in so long. I use to wear this concealer in high school and it still works perfectly.)
  • Pro Concealer-( This concealer should be the number one concealer ever because it is perfect. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use this product. It is thick and the best cover-up. You can get these at Ulta, your local hair stores and other places.)
  • AOA Setting Powder-( I ordered the setting powder from shopmissa for one dollar. I like the product because it sets your face but also highlights it at the same time.)
  • Bronzer-( I love wearing bronzer. I also use it to set my face. I got the bronzer from shopmissa for one dollar and it works so good.)


How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin With Makeup On…

I’m pretty sure that everyone who wears makeup has dealt with this problem. There is a really simple way to fix this problem.

First: You always wanna take some kind of brush, sponge or compact mirror with you. This helps you go about your day while fixing your makeup during the day. I always carry a compact with me. A must for me is definitely a compact and powder.

Second: You can take some foundation or concealer with you and fix it in the bathroom. I have also done that before.

I just went went to the bathroom to fix my oily skin just before posting this post.

Beauty Tips For Teenagers

Nowadays everyone is doing makeup. Kids are looking much older and doing so much. “Not in a bad way”. When I was in high school I only did my eyebrows until I got in the 11th grade. During my 9-10 grade years I only wore lipgloss. High school pictures are looking different also. I wish I knew how to do makeup that good in high school so my picture day pictures were on point but they weren’t. I think for teenagers, you don’t want to seem over your age. You don’t want someone to look at you and say ” dang, I thought she was 21″ when you are only 16 years old. The typical teen needs…

  • Lip gloss or lip stick
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • A little foundation
  • A little concealer ( Probably Not)

This is just my opinion. My sisters did not even wear a lot of makeup in high school but it is definitely a trend now.

How To Hide Pimples

No one likes pimples. They get big, small, red and they hurt. If your pimples do not hurt and you are trying to cover them up with makeup. Do this…

  1. Put concealer on your pimples.
  2. Then cover it with Foundation

When you put concealer first, it helps it from showing through your makeup because concealer is thicker than foundation


No Makeup No Problem

I know this blog is mainly about makeup, tips and different beauty hacks but you don’t have to wear makeup. I wish I can just go a week without wearing it but I can’t. I have dark circles under my eyes so I cover it up foundation and concealer. Once I get started I can’t stop. It starts off with foundation and concealer then goes to eyebrows and finally eyeshadow. By the end of the whole process, I am wearing a full face. ( LOL) Makeup is an art, expression, and whatever you want it to be. If you don’t wanna wear then don’t. If you want a whole new face, be my guest. Do what you wanna do!

Why everyone should wear bright eyeshadow!

  • Bright colors are just amazing. They just make the whole look, look better. The colors are bold statements and they have a mind of their own. I know it sounds crazy but think about… Colors mix well together and when we mix the eyeshadow colors, they change into a different color and just make the whole eye look amazing.
  • I love the bright blue and pink this look so much. I used only concealer, which made this look pop! I love bright colors because they just look amazing!๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’—

A simple Look vs A Bold Look

  • With a Simple Look, you have to choose something you can wear everyday. Well not really everyday but a light look. I chose a light orange for this look because I can wear it with a lot of diiferent looks.
  • With a Bold Look,ย you might wanna go with bright and loud colors. Some days you might wanna go darker or even a smokey eye.

How long does it take you to do your makeup?

Non makeup lovers don’t really know the struggle of doing perfect makeup. You can’t just rush. “Sometimes you can but you should take your time”. Here is a list of makeup you can’t rush with!

  • Eyebrows ( they are the most important things on your face)
  • Foundation ( you have to make sure you blend girl!)
  • Concealer ( You have to make sure it’s not too light plus that it is blended)