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Unhealthy Habit?

I am not even lying when I say that I have spent a lot on my makeup products. I know I have a problem because my family always tells me that. My answer is that you can never have too much makeup. I might have an obsession with makeup but that saying is true!

True makeup lovers know what I am talking about. . When I hear people talk about a Eyeshadow palettes and say that I already have one like this, it makes me so mad. (LOL) All eyeshadows are different and feel different when you put them on. I am gonna talk about that in another post tomorrow.

I have the Jaclyn Hill Palette and she released her vault collection which I do not have. (Yet) There was so much complaining about how it is just like her last palette but I do not care. I am still gonna get all four of those palettes. Without a doubt her eyeshadow has the most softest feeling ever. Out of all my eyeshadows that I have ever had, her eyeshadow feel so comfortable on my face. To sum this post up, you can have a obsession for makeup and beauty because it’s normal. If people say it’s not normal then they are just jealous!

Some Things Are Just Worth It

Have you ever want something so bad but it cost more money that you thought it would be. That happens to me a lot. Especially eyeshadow palettes . For example, I was thinking about getting the new Jaclyn Hill Palettes but they are $15 each and I think there are four of them. I told myself ” you know what you deserve them”. I have not bought any makeup in a while. You guys don’t understand! I want those palettes so bad. So the point of this post was to tell you Guys that it’s okay to buy something if it is a little out of your comfort zone . “Spoil Yourself ” ( LOL)

Four of my favorite looks!

I love these looks because it shows how far I have come this year. I can’t wait to do more. I am sorry if I have be m.i.a for a while but I had a crazy cold. The summer always get me. I am gonna be back this week with more looks! ❤️