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Love The Skin You Are In

Body positivity is so important to everyone. It took me a while and I still deal with it as for everyone else. We all at some point probably hate how we look and feel to others. For me, being over weight really took a toll on me in high school and it still do. I always hated that I was over weight. I would try dieting but it just did not work out for me. I still have those days but I manage when I write about. You have to learn to love yourself because you are the only one that matters right now. Other than family, you need to worry about yourself. Being in college, you would think that you left all the negative impact of what others say about you in high School but no! I found out that it carries on and will continue to carry on until you stop letting people get to. They don’t matter!

body positivity

Be Extra, Be Yourself

The best part of anything is being yourself! You can be extra, petty, weird or anything else you want. I am literally a mixture of all those combined. It’s fun to be yourself, but it’s not easy. We get so caught up on what other people think that it’s hard to be yourself. You should worry about what others think because you are going to get judged no matter what. So what’s the point of caring?

*That Perfect Lipstick *

Everyone has that one lipstick that they just love. It could be the brand, color, look, texture, or even the smell. I am all about colors. I am a nude kind of girl. I love anything nude. Nude lipstick and lipgloss are my life. I also love red lipstick because it makes me feel bold. There are so many kinds of lipstick to just love one!


Beauty Wishlist Coming Soon!

First of all, you can never have too much makeup. There are some products that I have not gotten yet but will get soon. Here are a few things…

  • Jaclyn Hill Brushes– ( I love Jaclyn Hill so much. I was going crazy when I heard that she released a brush set. The only this is that they are $165. What! Why do people make brushes that high? I wonder if they are really worth it. They are really cute though.)

    New Brushes
    Jaclyn hill
  • Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection– ( I love the ideal behind her vault collection. I am going to get this collection soon. The only this is that many people are complaining that this is just like the last eyeshadow palette. I feel like I would have to try it before I judge it.)

    Vault Collection
  • Anything from Jeffree Star cosmetics- ( I have not bought anything from his collections yet but I am going to very soon. I love his youtube channel and I really want to try his family collection.)

    Jefferee Star
    Family Collection

I have other things that I want to try, I just have to buy them first. I keep forgetting that I am in college so I am saving and trying to make it on my own while doing makeup. I wish that I had all the makeup in the world.


The Real Reason Why Every Girl Should Have Red Lipstick

Red is such a bold statement. It tells your personality and tells people that you don’t care what they think. I just started back wearing red lipstick and I never want to take it off. Some people think it is too much sometimes but who cares what they think! There should really be a national red lips day!


How To Highlight

The key to highlighting or if I can create a world “Highlightzation” (LOL) is to get the highlight on the angle parts of your face. For example…

  • Angles of your cheeks
  • The line of your nose
  • On top of your brows ( Sometimes )
  • Under your brow
  • On top of your lip

Every single one of those examples will make your face pop with highlight!


Art or Personal?

There is so much to beauty/makeup. Some people think it is an expression of art and some people use it as a way to express themselves. Why can’t it be both? Some people just like to play in makeup. “We can’t judge them”. I do makeup because I love to do it and want to get better so I can express myself. People express themselves in all type of ways…..

  • Art
  • Blogging
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Drawing
  • Mixing