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My New Full Makeup Collection

I haven’t had the chance to buy cute stands and other stuff so that I can set my makeup on. I keep all my makeup in makeup bags, a makeup drawer from Ulta or in cute containers that I get from Tuesday Mornings. The Brands that you see are…

-Morphe, Bh Cosmetics, Shopmissa, Maybelline, Jaclyn Hill, Ulta, NYX Cosmetics, Ben Nye

The Guide to a Beauty Bag

There are two different beauty bags. There’s the one you have when you go places so you can touch up. Then there is the one you have at home. Some call it a makeup bag or makeup collection. I call it both. Now when you are going somewhere and you take your makeup, the key is to not take too much. You just need a little because you aren’t redoing your face, you are just fixing it in case your liner runs, face gets too oily and you need to powder it, smudge lipstick and other things. Now when you are home, you play in your makeup, you buy more makeup and add to your collection. You should have everything in it. You makeup bag at home should be called a “makeup collection “.