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Morphe 39A Dare To Create Palette *Review*

I just wanted to say really quick that this palette is really cool. The wording on the box says”Dare To Create, Artistry Palette”. I love that because you can express your love for makeup through this palette. I can’t wait to try so many looks with this palette. The palette itself is so big, I love it. This is a true artist palette. The price for this palette was $34.00 but I got it on sale for$30.60. It wasn’t that big of a difference but it is a huge palette with some pigmented colors. 


Thin Eyeliner vs Thick Eyeliner

I love wearing eyeliner. I only wear liquid eyeliner because it looks better. When you are doing your eyeliner, you have two ways to attempt to wear it. You can wear a thin liner that is really simple or you can go for the bold thick liner that is a statement. I love wearing thick liners but I would only wear them when I am going out. I like thin liners because it makes your eyes pop.


Favorite Makeup Artists


  • Sarah- Instagram-@Iluvsarahii-(I love her! She is an inspiration to me because I love how she does makeup. I watch all her videos. Go check her out!)

    Makeup Artist
  • James- @Jamescharles-( I love Jamessss Sisters! He is amazing. He talks really fast but it is so funny. I watch his makeup tutorials all the time. I think I am obsessed with him. Gosh, he is so pretty!)

  • @Viva_glam_kay– ( First of all, she is gorgeous. She is a mom and you probably couldn’t even tell. I think I screenshot almost all her pictures. I literally love everything about this women.)

    Makeup Artist
  • @laviedunprince-( When I first saw his pictures on Instagram, I was like Woah! who is this? His makeup is beautiful and bright. I want to try to recreate some of his looks very soon. His face looks like art.)

    Makeup Artist
  • @JaclynHill-( I left one of my favorites for last. I love her, her makeup and I can’t wait to get her new vault set. Her eyeshadow palettes are so smooth. The eyeshadows are so soft. I cannot wait to try her brushes! I’m so jealous because I don’t have them yet.)

    Makeup Artist

Beauty Tips For Teenagers

Nowadays everyone is doing makeup. Kids are looking much older and doing so much. “Not in a bad way”. When I was in high school I only did my eyebrows until I got in the 11th grade. During my 9-10 grade years I only wore lipgloss. High school pictures are looking different also. I wish I knew how to do makeup that good in high school so my picture day pictures were on point but they weren’t. I think for teenagers, you don’t want to seem over your age. You don’t want someone to look at you and say ” dang, I thought she was 21″ when you are only 16 years old. The typical teen needs…

  • Lip gloss or lip stick
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • A little foundation
  • A little concealer ( Probably Not)

This is just my opinion. My sisters did not even wear a lot of makeup in high school but it is definitely a trend now.

Four Step Eye Look

  1. Pick two eyeshadow colors 🙂
  2. Blend your first color on half your eye and the second color on the other half 🙂
  3. Blend in the middle of your lid 🙂
  4. Add your liner 🙂
  5. I added one of the colors I used on my lid for under my eye 🙂
  6. Add a little glow in the corner of your eye 🙂
  7. Add lashes 🙂
  8. Finish the rest of your face and enjoy! 🙂



Ways You Can Mess Up Your Eyebrows

If you have not noticed, eyebrows are an important part of our face. If you are a beauty/makeup lover you wouldn’t really care if you mess up your brows because you can fix them. When I say mess up, I am talking about filling in, over arching your brows, not the right color or light concealer.

  • Filling in your brows might seem easy but it is very hard for some people. It’s because you might not have the right color or you fill them in too dark. I remember filling in my eyebrows too dark. I had them black and I thought it was cute because I didn’t know how to do makeup that well. When I look back on my old pictures, I think “what was I thinking!”
  • You should always use the color of your eyebrows or something a little darker. You can even go a little lighter. It’s up to you.
  • If you arch your eyebrows by yourself, you can also go overboard. Sometimes you can go a little too far with the eyebrow archer and they become too thin. If that ever happens, You would want to take your eyebrow pencil, powder or gel and just fill in the parts you messed up on. There are a lot of ways to fix to your brows.
  • Last thing is concealing. When you fill in your eyebrows and conceal them, you don’t want the concealer to show really bright so you use a color that is a little lighter than your skin color. You don’t want to hear people saying “her concealer under her eyebrow is so light that you can really see it.” I had that happen to me too.

How To Highlight

The key to highlighting or if I can create a world “Highlightzation” (LOL) is to get the highlight on the angle parts of your face. For example…

  • Angles of your cheeks
  • The line of your nose
  • On top of your brows ( Sometimes )
  • Under your brow
  • On top of your lip

Every single one of those examples will make your face pop with highlight!


Art or Personal?

There is so much to beauty/makeup. Some people think it is an expression of art and some people use it as a way to express themselves. Why can’t it be both? Some people just like to play in makeup. “We can’t judge them”. I do makeup because I love to do it and want to get better so I can express myself. People express themselves in all type of ways…..

  • Art
  • Blogging
  • Makeup Artistry
  • Drawing
  • Mixing

How To Get a Perfect Cut Crease

  • I created this look today. I did a half cut crease. For the cut crease, I used concealer and then I patted the color that I was gonna use on the eyelid. I used a light pink eyeshadow from Morphe. It depends on how bright you want your color. If you are using a really bright color, you will have to really dig into that eyeshadow to get it super bright. Trust me it will get bright. I use a thin angle brush to line my concealer on my eyelid. Lastly, I complete my eye. Full List of products I used on my Instagram. @makeupmaheim