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Favorite Eyeshadow Brands


I will forever love this brand. They have so many palettes. Some people may think that their palettes look the same but they don’t. I love every palette because the colors are so unique. I also love how they collab with multiple artists to make beautiful palettes.

Bh Cosmetics

I almost have every palette from Bh Cosmetics. Their palettes are really colorful. If you know me, then you know that I love bright colors. This brand probably has the cutest packaging ever.

Urban Decay

I love the naked eyeshadow palettes. The colors are natural looking and blend so well together. They are literally everyday colors.

Some Things Are Just Worth It

Have you ever want something so bad but it cost more money that you thought it would be. That happens to me a lot. Especially eyeshadow palettes . For example, I was thinking about getting the new Jaclyn Hill Palettes but they are $15 each and I think there are four of them. I told myself ” you know what you deserve them”. I have not bought any makeup in a while. You guys don’t understand! I want those palettes so bad. So the point of this post was to tell you Guys that it’s okay to buy something if it is a little out of your comfort zone . “Spoil Yourself ” ( LOL)

Why everyone should wear bright eyeshadow!

  • Bright colors are just amazing. They just make the whole look, look better. The colors are bold statements and they have a mind of their own. I know it sounds crazy but think about… Colors mix well together and when we mix the eyeshadow colors, they change into a different color and just make the whole eye look amazing.
  • I love the bright blue and pink this look so much. I used only concealer, which made this look pop! I love bright colors because they just look amazing!💙💗

A simple Look vs A Bold Look

  • With a Simple Look, you have to choose something you can wear everyday. Well not really everyday but a light look. I chose a light orange for this look because I can wear it with a lot of diiferent looks.
  • With a Bold Look, you might wanna go with bright and loud colors. Some days you might wanna go darker or even a smokey eye.

Bright Colors

I am really proud of myself! I have come a long way. I am getting better with my makeup. The lighting is there and it just makes me so happy❤️❤️

Details: Eyeshadow- Morphe 35 B Palette

Eyebrows- Bh Cosmetics Ultimate Brow Palette




Details: Eyeshadow- @bhcosmetics Nouveau Neutrals Eyeshadow & Blush Palette ➡️🍂🍁 Eyebrows- @bhcosmetics Ultimate Brow Palette ➡️🍁🍂 Eyeliner- @ultabeauty Super Precise Black Eyeliner #eyeliner #ulta #ultabeauty #beauty ➡️🍂🍁 Lashes- Bh Cosmetics False Lashes M-202 ➡️🍂🍁 Foundation- @maybelline Fit Me Foundation Color ( 355 coconut 🥥) ➡️🍂🍁 Concealer- Pro Concealer color ( warm honey 🍯 )

Fall Colors


Details: Eyeshadow- Morphe 35b Palette + Bh Cosmetics Eyelights Liquid Eyeshadow

Eyebrows- Bh Cosmetics Ultimate Brow Palette

Foundation- Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Color ( 355 coconut 🥥)

Concealer- Pro Concealer color ( toffee)

Four of my favorite looks!

I love these looks because it shows how far I have come this year. I can’t wait to do more. I am sorry if I have be m.i.a for a while but I had a crazy cold. The summer always get me. I am gonna be back this week with more looks! ❤️