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My Favorite Color!💗

I was inspired by the colors used on a makeup artist Instagram page. He also started this trend with the eyebrows so I wanted to try them.

His page is -@mmmmitchell

Eyeshadow- Morphe 35B + 3502 Palette

Foundation- Maybelline Fit me foundation Color-355

Concealer- Maybelline


*How I Create My Eyeshadow Looks*

  • I really like doing these kinds of looks. I am gonna do many more because I like bright colors together. Once again, I only used concealer for my primer. I tried eye primer a few times but once I ran out, I got lazy and looked up other ways to make your eyeshadow brighter. Now I only use concealer.
  • When I am thinking of ways to do my eyeshadow, I literally just throw a color on my eye and then think, what other colors can I match it with? That is how I create my makeup. It doesn’t always work out.
  • I had some looks that were so bad that I just gave up after 40minutes of trying to do my eyeshadow. I get mad a lot if I mess up because I hate restarting after a long time. One big mess up that still gets me is overdoing my eyeliner. I would try to put a thin liner on my eyelid and then I see a part I need to fill and it just gets too thick. I would just give up. Now I am getting better with patience. 🙂

Having Your Own Style

Everyone has their own style. You just have to find it. My style is more simple yet weird. I mix a lot of colors together. Today I am wearing a cute tie dye shirt with bright pink eyeshadow. It goes together perfect. No matter what I wear, I have to have some kind of eyeshadow on so that it brightens my Look. I mainly wear bright eyeshadow because it is just so cute! There are so many styles and colors to mix, you just have to find it.

Red, Dark, Pink, Nude, or Gloss

I love lipstick , lipgloss , lip stain and anything else to do with lips. Obviously my go to lips are lipgloss because you can wear it with literally everything. You can even wear it with lipstick. I also wear a lot of nude lipstick because it’s so cute. If I wear pink, it has to be a light pink. I don’t really wear red because I have red hair and it s weird to me. I don’t usually wear dark lipstick out. I don’t know why. I just love light colors. My go to is definitely lipgloss and nude lipstick .💄

Why everyone should wear bright eyeshadow!

  • Bright colors are just amazing. They just make the whole look, look better. The colors are bold statements and they have a mind of their own. I know it sounds crazy but think about… Colors mix well together and when we mix the eyeshadow colors, they change into a different color and just make the whole eye look amazing.
  • I love the bright blue and pink this look so much. I used only concealer, which made this look pop! I love bright colors because they just look amazing!💙💗

Bright Colors

I am really proud of myself! I have come a long way. I am getting better with my makeup. The lighting is there and it just makes me so happy❤️❤️

Details: Eyeshadow- Morphe 35 B Palette

Eyebrows- Bh Cosmetics Ultimate Brow Palette



Details: Eyeshadow- Morphe 35b Palette + Bh Cosmetics Eyelights Liquid Eyeshadow

Eyebrows- Bh Cosmetics Ultimate Brow Palette

Foundation- Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Color ( 355 coconut 🥥)

Concealer- Pro Concealer color ( toffee)