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Huda Beauty Lip Kit(Testing)!

The liquid matte lipstick is so amazing. I usually go for just the matte look but I wanted to show you guys all three (liquid lipstick, lip liner, and liquid shine lipgloss) together. If you like the darker looks, Huda(which is her brand name) has a darker lip kit. It has the darkest lip liner which is so cute. I didn’t put the shade on perfect because I wanted to hurry and show you guys before I went to class. (lol)


New Look Alert!!

I tried a lot of my new products out and loved them. The colored eyeliners are so cute and are not dry at all. Here are some of the products I used for this look…

  • Lol Eyeshadow- Purple Eyeshadow
  • AOA Eyelashes-Natural Hair
  • AOA Vonder Concealer
  • Pink Eyeliner Color- Hollywood
  • Blue Eyeliner Color- Superstar
  • AOA Perfect Setting Powder
  • Flawless Eyeliner- Black Eyeliner
New Look

Four Step Eye Look

  1. Pick two eyeshadow colors 🙂
  2. Blend your first color on half your eye and the second color on the other half 🙂
  3. Blend in the middle of your lid 🙂
  4. Add your liner 🙂
  5. I added one of the colors I used on my lid for under my eye 🙂
  6. Add a little glow in the corner of your eye 🙂
  7. Add lashes 🙂
  8. Finish the rest of your face and enjoy! 🙂



Four of my favorite looks!

I love these looks because it shows how far I have come this year. I can’t wait to do more. I am sorry if I have be m.i.a for a while but I had a crazy cold. The summer always get me. I am gonna be back this week with more looks! ❤️


Details: Eyeshadow- Morphe Brushes Morphe35 Palette + @Bhcosmetics, Neutral Palette

Eyebrows- Bh Cosmetics Ultimate Brow Palette

Foundation- Maybelline Fit me foundation color (355 coconut)

Eyeliner- Ulta super precise eyeliner